Monday, October 8, 2012

Plex for the Blackberry Playbook

Plex, the solution for your local and online media.

As many Plex users have heard over time , Plex does not plan on supporting the Playbook anytime soon. Well lets change that news!

With the recent release of Blackberry OS and as Newer versions of Plex for Android are released, Plex for the Blackberry Playbook looks like it could finally be here.

See screenshots below:

Dont think the Blackberry Playbook supports HLS? With Plex the Playbook can either Direct Play or Transcode a file for remote or local viewing.

 Getting sick and tired of trying to find a solution for using Netflix on your Playbook? Why not use the natively available Plugin for Plex.


  1. For those that read this, I forgot to mention that this application on the Playbook uses Blackberry Bridge for its internet connection if you aren't near a wifi connection - So even driving down the road you can enjoy your music.

  2. For the real Playbook users / travelers - with Plex you can buy a mini HDMI cable and watch all your content via the TV in the hotel room. No more missing those shows while your away.

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  4. Awesome news. Thanks for supporting the PlayBook!

  5. There is no application from the Playbook store, its up to you guys to find a way to get it ;) Sorry thats all I can comment on it.

  6. Please do not share bars for paid apps if you really really want it visit the google play store. Then go back to the crackberry forums for other information ;)